App Revamp & Codebase Rewrite, MVP Builder

Certifast Case Study

Certifast is a web based design app for creating design in bulk automatically, the MVP was built in 2021, but as the codebase grow it's getting harder to add new features. In 2024, we rebuilt the app from scratch to make it easier to develop new features and maintain the codebase.

Certifast OldCertifast New


Created in August 2021 with an outdated technology stack.

Old Certifast Editor

The focus was on functionality over code quality, leading to maintainability issues as features were added. Development stopped in January 2022 due to lack of traction.

Certifast Analytics March 2022

Certifast gained unexpected popularity on social media in March 2022.

User base remained stable despite no new features being added, prompting monetization discussions in December 2023.

Key considerations during the rewrite included choosing easy-to-maintain technologies and leveraging libraries for complex interactions (Moveable and react-zoom-pan-pinch). Valtio was chosen for complex client-side state management.

Rethinking Certifast After User Growth

The decision to rewrite Certifast from scratch was made in January 2024 due to a difficult-to-maintain codebase and the need for new features.
After rewriting, the team focused on re-architecting component interaction management and the undo/redo functionality.

Rebuilt, Refactored, and Ready to Grow

The rewrite took one month, and adding new features became significantly faster and easier. Within two months, more features were implemented than ever before with the old codebase

Fullstack TypeScript allows for a unified development experience using the same language for both front-end and back-end.

Certifast Demo

What's New on Certifast?

Unleash Your Creativity with Our New Design App

Certifast is excited to announce a major upgrade that takes certificate creation to a whole new level! We've completely revamped the design experience with a fully-fledged design app built right in.

This powerful app offers features similar to popular design platforms like Canva, allowing you to unleash your creativity and personalize your certificates like never before. Add text, shapes, and upload your own images to create certificates that perfectly match your needs.

See it Before You Spend: Introducing the Preview Feature

But that's not all! Certifast now boasts a brand new preview feature. Before you spend your credits, you can see exactly how your certificate will look with all your customizations applied. This ensures you're happy with the design before finalizing and generating your certificate.

New Credit System: Ensuring Top-Quality Service

Speaking of credits, Certifast now utilizes a credit system. To generate certificates, you'll need to have enough credits in your account. This allows us to offer a wider range of design features and functionalities while maintaining a high-quality service. You can easily purchase credits within the platform, ensuring you always have what you need to create stunning certificates.

Start Creating Today!

We're confident these new features will revolutionize your certificate creation experience. Get started today and see the difference for yourself!

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